Hey everyone!

Somebody on this Facebook page asked me the other day if I would share some images of where I do my writing, and I though it would be nice to post these pictures for you all…

I live in a big old Victorian house on the top of a hill, and the house came with a large, cavernous, empty and strangely-shaped attic. I asked my friend Michael Flood, a local woodworker of extraordinary gifts, if he would transform that space into a library for me. I wanted him to make shelves that would feel not so much as if they had been built, but as if they had grown organically across the room, like vines. What he created out of that simple instruction was this remarkable space we have come to call "The Skybrary" (my library in the sky.)

It's really wonderful up there in the Skybrary. It feels like a treehouse, like a secret garden, like a ship sailing across the sky. And that's where my new novel was born.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos….Michael Flood is really a genius.

And the poem that is written on the steps leading up to the Skybrary is from Emily Dickinson. It says:

"The soul selects her own society — then shuts the door."



Images of Elizabeth Gilbert's Skybrary | michael j flood

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall