Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you these photos of the books that were hidden over the weekend at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, for lucky readers to stumble upon. You'll notice the GORGEOUS lush green cover (different from the ivory-colored American version of the novel)…and you'll also notice that (anticipating Scottish weather!) the books were bundled up in plastic bags to keep them safe…a wise touch! I am so curious to find out who found these!

Meanwhile, keep your eyes on this Facebook page, because over the next few months, we will be hiding advance copies of "The Signature of All Things" in botanical gardens across world! (To continue the botanical analogy…think of it as PLANTING A LITERARY SEED…)

All love! And thank you, Royal Botanic Gardens!


The Signature of All Things, The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
This weekend, advance proof copies of Elizabeth Gilbert's new novel The Signature of All Things were hidden around the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, for lucky readers to find. Here are the books in a couple of their hiding spots, posted with thanks to the gardens and Cornflower book blog for their photos and posts. Want to find out more about The Signature of All Things? click here: https://www.bloomsbury.com/%28X%281%29S%28ojzrko45txjwnfqnqgsbcm55%29%29/uk/the-signature-of-all-things-9781408841891/

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall