Hey everyone, before we close up this topic of SPORTS forever (almost certainly forever) on this page, I would be remiss not to give a shout out to my friend Danny Kavaldo, otherwise known as "Danny the Trainer" (or, as my friends have come to call him, simply: "Danny The") who I've been working with since last autumn, and who is really so great. I've decided, as I enter more and more deeply into the joys of middle age, to try to fight bone density loss as hard as I can (it runs in my family) through diet and exercise. Also, I want two tickets to the gun show. Can't lie. So Danny has been showing him the way, and thanks to him, I can even do chin-ups now! (Anyone who knew me in grammar school is spitting out their coffee right now in sheer disbelief at this thought.)

Danny the trainer, everyone! I am officially endorsing him! Danny The! He's the greatest! And the sweetest.

Just sayin'…

Going after it, folks. Going after it.


Danny has helped people like you build muscle, lose weight, improve flexibility, and increase athletic performance. His unique training style is not just goal oriented it's LIFE ORIENTED, so you will not only get the results you need… You will be able to sustain them.

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