Dear Sunshiners —

Please come see me and my dear friend Rayya Elias at Books & Books in Coral Gables this Wednesday May 1 at 7pm…I'll be introducing her and her incredible memoir "Harley Loco", and she'll read and play some kick-ass music, and then we will both sign books and hang out and be cool.

(OK, Rayya will be the one being cool, because she is naturally very cool, and I will be the one hanging out and being over-excited, because I am naturally over-excited. But it's gonna be great.)

This is our third and last gig together…the previous two (in NYC and Detroit) have been truly beautiful. Also, Books & Books is a stunningly beautiful and super hip bookstore.

Don't miss it, South Florida! Strap your Sunpass onto your car and drive over to see us! (Do you like that SUPER specific regional reference I just made, about the Sunpass? See how I curry favor with you, by dropping that reference in there? Now doesn't that make you want to come to the reading? See how I did that? IT'S HYPNOTIC, right?)

See you there, my friends!
Wednesday night!
Be cool!
Hang out!



via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall