Hello Everyone!

OK, this is a just-for-fun and super low-stakes activity, but can you guys do me a favor this weekend?

Can you click the "Choose author image!" tab above and look at the three photos and vote on which one you like best, for my author photo for “The Signature of All Things”?

You know why I’m asking this of you? Because I can’t decide. And now that I know that you are all good deciders (THANK YOU, BOOK COVER-CHOOSERS!) I would rather put this decision in your hands.

SO! Here they are! One of picture you may recognize from the user photo on this Facebook page and on my Twitter account, but I can’t figure out if it works for the book…thus, I’ll just leave it to you.

Click the "Choose author image!" app, cast your vote, knock yourself out.

And for the love of all that is good and holy, PLEASE don’t say, “None of the above” this time, or seriously, I might cry.

Sunday night (my time, New Jersey time, THE ONLY TIME THERE IS) I will tell you which picture won.

Bless your patient hearts!


(PS — All these portraits were taken, by the way, by an absolutely lovely young woman named Jennifer Schatten. Her website, should you ever need excellent portraits by a very sweet person is: https://www.schattenstudios.com/.)

Schatten Studios
High Quality Headshot Photography, Conceptual Portraiture, Performance Videos, Screen Tests, Demo Reels, Professional Video Profiles and Design Services in NYC

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall