Hello Everyone!

OK, this is a just-for-fun and super-low-stakes activity, but can you all do me a favor this weekend?

Can you click on this link, take a look at these three photos, and vote on which one you like best, for my author photo for "The Signature of All Things"?

I can't decide between then, and now that I know you're all such good and enthusiastic choosers (THANK YOU, BOOK COVER-PICKERS!) I would rather put this decision in your hands.

One photo you may recognize as my user photo on this Facebook page, but I can't figure out if it works for the book…thus, I'll leave that choice to you.

(And PLEASE don't say "None of the above" this time, or I seriously might cry!)

Sunday night, I'll reveal the winning photo!

Bless your patient and helpful hearts,

ps —All these portraits were taken, by the way, by an absolutely lovely young woman named Jennifer Schatten. Should you ever need pictures taken by a sweet person, her website is: www.schattenstudios.com

So…click here to vote!


Elizabeth Gilbert | Choose author image!
Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of six books of fiction and non-fiction—most famously her memoir "Eat, Pray, Love".

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