Hello all!

I thought you might enjoy this article from USA Today about the book cover contest we just did for "The Signature of All Things." The story is getting a lot of interest in the publishing world because such a thing had never been done before (letting the readers choose the book jacket) and people are curious to know how it turned out.

Well, I think it turned out GREAT, and this article explains a bit more as to why.

USA Today asked me if I will be doing this again in the future, and I wanted to ask you guys what you would think about that? Would you welcome such a chance again, to vote on a book jacket? Would you welcome it from other authors? Or should this just be a one-time special thing? (It's a VERY hypothetical question at this point, by the way, for I am a long ways off from even starting to write another book right now! It'll be years before we need to have this conversation again, really!)

But still, I'm curious how you felt about the whole idea…

Anyhow: A nice story, with a true happy ending for me.

Thank you all again for participating!

And don't forget to pre-order "The Signature of All Things" (and it's lovely new cover) here:



Book cover chosen for Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Signature'
Voters on Facebook picked the author's favorite for the novel, due Oct. 1.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall