Hej Sverige!


I am here, in the land of my people (where I can eat all the pickled herring I want, at last!)

Sorry it's taken me so long to put out information about my Scandinavian visit, but it's been unclear if I was going to Oslo or Stockholm…it appears Stockholm has won. (My apologies, Norway —- the last thing I want is stir feelings of competition or resentment between you and Sweden! Because I know THAT never happens. But this is what the publishers worked out among themselves.)

So now I am here, in Stockholm, in the frozen north.

Mostly, I am having meetings and doing interviews, but I wanted to have a chance to meet my Swedish readers, since I came all this way…so I have created a spontaneous and very casual plan!

Tomorrow night (Friday) I will be at the Gold Bar at the Nobis Hotel from 5pm till 6pm (or from 17:00 till 18:00, in your language.)

Here is the address:


If you want to come meet me and have a drink, come along! Bring books if you want me to sign them, or we can just take selfies and hang out.

If nobody shows up, no worries: I will drink alone. (Which feels very "winter in Scandinavia" to me!)

I have no idea if this will work, but I'm going for it.

Because it feels fun.

Tack sa mychet!


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