This broke my heart. Please share — especially in the NYC area.

Blessings, Katie.

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
Dear Liz, I know this is a long shot, but I NEED the word to get out, and you've got so many amazing, kindhearted fans of your brilliant stories; looking particularly at any in the New York City area that might just read this post and share in order to help find a missing person.

My sister, @[1388400004:2048:Alex Silvestri], is missing. She recently (this past week) took a trip to the Brooklyn area and made it there, last we heard. She has not been heard from since this past Friday morning or seen by the person she was staying with since this past Monday. We are very worried about her, as she is new to the city and traveled alone without much money or consistent mode of communication. A police report has been filed, but there is not much that can be done because she is not a resident of the city itself. I have posted a somewhat recent photo; there are more on her facebook page. Please share this and PLEASE contact me if you have seen her or have been in contact with her. Thank you.

Katie Silvestri, Buffalo region — with Alex Silvestri.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall