Here is your little Italian lesson for the day:


(Unless you are a boy, of course, in which case it is: SONO GRATO)

Maybe we should all learn how to say I AM GRATEFUL, in all the languages we can? Right? Because isn't that the sum of all human grace — to begin and end by merely giving thanks? How wonderful it would be to be universally fluent in thankfulness all over the world!

So here's an idea:

You guys are clever and global. Whatever languages you all happen to speak, please teach the rest of us today how to say: I AM GRATEFUL in your chosen language.

And if you really want to go crazy, post a selfie here of you holding up a sign saying: I AM GRATEFUL in any language you like — just as I have done. (As you can see from my photo, bed-head and morning-face are totally acceptable on this page.)

I think that would be awesome!

Today I give extra thanks to you all for being part of my life — you beautiful souls, you.

SONO GRATA A TUTTI VOI = I am grateful for all of you.



ps — I hope you remembered to thaw out the turkey…

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall

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