Just wanted to send love out today to my wonderful dad (shown here as my date at a fancy-schmanzy party in NYC a few years ago: The only picture you will ever see of Christmas Tree Farmer John Gilbert in a tuxedo).

And love to all the great fathers out there…and to all the great father figures, who have filled in the gaps over time, where dads might be missing.

I thought it might be fun to ask everyone to share the best advice they've ever gotten from either their father, or from a father-figure in their lives?

Here's mine, which my dad told me when I was 18, and about to go off to college:

"Don't go to college to get a career. Go to college to get an EDUCATION. It's your only chance to spend four years learning, just for the pleasure of expanding your mind. Don't waste that chance. Fill yourself with as much knowledge as possible, while you can. You will eventually find the right career for yourself, but a great education will always serve you, no matter what you do in life."

What's the best advice you ever got from a dad?

Lots of love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall