HAPPINESS JARS and an inspiring story…

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Here is my Happiness Jar. The idea reminds me of something I call Butterfly Kisses, and so I kind of combined the two. When I was really sick with Lyme Disease etc my days were so long and dark – I found myself discouraged because I couldn't seem to get a good DAY… then one day something happened… I had this great little moment. I can't remember now what it was (but if I had a Happiness Jar I would have a record!) but it ocurred to me that maybe I need to look for moments, not whole days. I called it a Butterfly Kiss… a moment I was so glad I got to have. I wrote a poem to go with it, too. So, thought I'd share.

quietly entering
gently alight
butterfly kisses
blessings in flight

moments are gifts
softly brushing your skin
open your heart
let the butterflies in….

The biggest thing I've learned about Butterfly Kisses is this – The more you see, the more you SEE! }i{

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall