HAPPINESS JAR from Sri Lanka! And a lovely story…

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Dear Liz,
I know you have got a million happiness jars by now and it’s amazing how creative and inspirational people can be from a simple yet heartfelt thought as this. I have been thinking of doing one myself for a long time now but I must admit that I didn’t have a clue how to come up with an idea. However, last month my husband and I spent a fabulous week in Venice/Italy as it was my 50th birthday present from my husband. My birthday was in January by the way. So you can imagine where I finally got the idea for my happiness jar and you are receiving it all the way from Sweden and I would say from Sri Lanka also as I am originally coming from Sri Lanka. Well as you can see from the much worn out cover of “Eat, Pray & Love”, I really don’t have to tell you how many times I have read it I love it! Please keep doing what you are doing and your unselfish creativity and inspiration is giving much sought hope for the future for women around the world including me.
Love you Liz!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall