Greetings from the Dominican Republic!

I spoke last night at the wonderful SUMMIT conference in Santo Domingo. Here I am with Virginia de Moya, one of the event organizers, and a fantastic human being.

It was so fabulous to speak to a room filled with hundreds of brilliant Dominican women — all business leaders and entrepreneurs, all mavericks in their fields, all incredibly impressive.

(Though I must say: If you ever want to feel drab and plain, go hang out for a few hours with 500 Dominican women. Dear God, they were gorgeous! I need a makeover, head to toe. I need better clothes, I just realized. And I definitely need better shoes. Just sayin'.)

Anyhow, to all those who attended last night — thank you for bringing your open hearts, your dazzling minds, your passionate dreams, and yes, your absolutely kick-ass high heels. I'll never forget you, Santo Domingo!

All my love,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall