Grateful to be HERE, and not THERE…

Today I found this photo of me, from back in the day. It was during my really low times — marriage failing, confidence shaken, battling depression, head all confused. All I see is a very sad young woman, trying to hold it together.

I have no fear of getting older. (So far, getting older has been the best thing that ever happened to me.) But honest to God, if some evil genie told me I had to go back and live my 20's all over again, I think I would break down and weep. Then I would start bargaining. I would cut any kind of deal available, to avoid revisiting that time.

For anyone who's going through a painful moment in their life right now, I send you love. Take exceedingly care of yourself, be brave, and fight for the light. You'll make it to the other side, I promise.

And the other side is so, so, so much better.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall