Good morning, neighbors!

First of all — a humble bow to Mr. Fred Rogers, who was a great and good man.

Secondly, I love this quote.

Let us take a moment this morning to be grateful for the helpers of this world. And if you happen to BE one of the helpers of this world — whether in a professional or simply instinctual capacity…then thank you and god bless you.

This subject is on my mind today because last night I spoke in Staten Island at an event for the New York Immigration Coalition — an organization composed of over 200 tireless groups, all fighting for the rights of immigrants and working for reform of America's tragically broken immigration laws.

Those of you who read my book "Committed" know that I am what they call "an impacted American" (somebody whose life was affected by U.S. immigration policy) on account of my Brazilian-born sweetheart having been quite randomly kicked out of the country in 2006. The year I spent inside the crazy system of the Homeland Security Department, trying to get my beloved back to me was one of most stressful times of my life. I cannot imagine what life feels like for couples, families and children who are trapped in such webs for years, or even decades. I am one of the lucky ones. I had the means and the good fortune to have my sweetheart returned to me. But since then, I've become a staunch advocate for immigration reform and a path to citizenship for the numberless good and hardworking people who still live in the shadows — and who do not have the voice that I have.

So…back to the praise of HELPERS. I was awed again last night by the example of people who dedicate their entire lives to helping the powerless and the dispossessed. Underpaid lawyers, overworked advocates, exhausted social workers, concerned educators, generous medical workers — they are all heroes. Often it is thankless work. They may not see the fruits of their efforts for years — or perhaps ever. But it is God's work. And when you meet such good and devoted people, giving so fully of themselves to those who have nothing…well, all you can do is bow.

Have a beautiful day, everyone —

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