Ghady's JAR OF LOVE…

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I have chosen the Name of My Jar "A Jar Of LovE" I can feel every meaning by the loyalty and the noble eternity for everything ,I love to care by everything ,I wish to make my jar full of the infinite no. Of Love "♥" to promote our thoughts ,believes ,directions ,languages by just one word and one silence meaning ,By the smile of Love ,by the lines of our wavy dancer ,yes all of that inside of us ,By our meditate to the nights calling ,By the hope with Every sunrise ,,,,,,,,,
Thank You for Making our Tale Lady Liz …….

"ubuntu" is a philosophy of African tribes that can be summed up as "I am Because We are " ……

@ The Story is bout "All of Us" & Will Never be By " Only Me "!
And you were The key of our Jars – My appreciate

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