Dear ones —

If you have not yet voted on your favorite cover for my new book, "The Signature of All Things", open up the tab below and vote today!

Thank you so much to all who have already voted or expressed your opinions! The reaction to the book jackets has surprised me. I had honestly thought that, as soon as these images were released, there would be one immediate and obvious public favorite…but that is not at all the case. As you can see by the comments people are leaving on this page, there is not yet anything close to a consensus.

Some of you adore the vivid purple cover, some of you prefer the more subtle cream-colored one, some of you love the depiction of Alma in the field of ferns, some you adore them each too much to choose, and a few special others among you have set aside time in your busy lives to chime in with the ALWAYS HELPFUL refrain of: "I hate them all." (Aw…so sweet of you to share!)

As for me, I am delighted by your passions and I am obsessively and madly curious about your preferences. I am reading your replies like tea leaves, looking for the secrets of the universe in each response. I heard from Viking last night that thousands of you have already voted, but I don't know which cover is winning yet…I want to be as surprised as you all will be!

SO VOTE NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT VOTED, and add your voice to the chorus!


Also, can you do me a big favor and share this post with as many people as you possibly can? Ask everyone you know to vote. I want the broadest possible electorate to speak their minds and make this choice!

THANKS EVERYONE! Love you all,


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VOTING is now open! Click this link to select your favorite cover for @[227291194019670:274:Elizabeth Gilbert]'s new novel:

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