First reading of "The Signature of All Things!"

Dear Ones —

I dashed up to Toronto for one day today, just to meet with my lovely Canadian publisher (Penguin) in preparation for the release of the novel in October. And tonight they held the most lovely private event — sponsored by Chatelaine Magazine and Indigo Books. I read from the novel, somewhat nervously, for the first time, in a gorgeous chapel with a warm and intimate audience. THANK YOU all who came!

Now, two important matters:

1) The dress. Please observe the dress. Tonight was a practice round for me on this dress, which is in the running as Official Book Tour Dress 2013 because, check it out: BOTANICAL THEMED PRINT! (What do you guys think? Too obvious? Am I trying too hard? But I really like it…)

2) If anyone wants to pre-order the novel, and see why the dress matches the story (because all the best novelists these days accessorize with their prose — I'm talkin' to you, Frazen!), you may do so right here:

Thank you, all! Thank you, splendid mid-summer Toronto!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall