Hey everyone, I'm looking for suggestions to update my exercise playlists. I've been making a real effort this year to get my heart pumping every day (I had a "Come To Jesus" moment with a fitness expert last year who broke it down for me: "It's simple. If you want to live a long and healthy life, get your cardiovascular system in shape. Period.")

So I've been running, jumping, dancing around…and it helps, of course, to listen to music.

But I need some new stuff.

How many more times can I get inspired to run that extra mile by panting and singing along, off-key, to "SexyBack"?

Not that many more times.

So give me some new suggestions, everyone!

Please know, by the way, as you offer up your playlists, that I have no shame, musically-speaking.

Am I too old for Katy and Carley and Taylor and Beyoncé and Rihanna and Nicki? Yes. Do I like them, anyhow? Yes. I sort of love them.

Am I too proud to run down the street with my arms pumping in the air because I'm listening to some corny-ass classic rock like "Born to Run", or "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing"? No…no, I am not too proud for that. I have been seen doing that. Hopefully, I have not been photographed doing that, but I do it.

Am I too Caucasian and middle-aged and female to enjoy the likes of Driicky Graham or Chance the Rapper or Curtis James Jackson III (better known as 50 Cent)? Yes, absolutely. But I listen to that shit anyhow, and I also sing along to it (which is why nobody will exercise with me in public).

So gimme what you got here, folks! Cast a wide net!

And let's get those hearts beating, everyone! 20 minutes a day! Do it! Life is such an interesting affair, after all — let's all stay healthy so we can stick around and watch it unfold for as long as we can…

Work it. Own it. Live it.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall