"The Signature of All Things" comes out in ONE MONTH!

One month from this very day!

It's been a journey, people — intellectually and emotionally and LITERALLY. (As an example of "literally" — here's a photo of me doing research for the novel in distant French Polynesia, after having hiked to the top of an extinct volcano in order to hunt for mosses in the rain, just as my dear Alma Whittaker would've done. We leave no stones unturned here at Gilbert Industries, when it comes to writing novels!)

I have never been so excited about a book release. I am counting the days. (30 days! See how well I count?)

If you want to pre-order the book now, in order to avoid being TRAMPLED ON OCTOBER 1 IN THE MASS GLOBAL RIOTS THAT WILL INEVITABLY RESULT FROM MY NOVEL'S OFFICIAL PUBLICATION (or if you just don't feel like walking to the bookstore that day) you may do so quietly and safely right here:


30 days everyone! 30 days!

Tick, tick, boom.

All love to you all,

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall