You guys, I'm about to faint. A friend of this page just sent me this link to a recent interview with Dolly Parton, where Dolly says she's been reading THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS recently.

It comes at the end of this interview, so scroll on down, y'all:

This is quite simply the most star-struck I've ever been. I adore that woman. (As evidence, here you can see a photo of me from last year, wearing my WHAT WOULD DOLLY DO? t-shirt, which I got in Knoxville, TN.)

So Dolly Parton is hanging out with Alma Whittaker.

Which means: I guess my work here on earth is done.

Allow me, in homage, to share my favorite Dolly Parton quote. Someone once asked her if she got offended by dumb blonde jokes, and she replied, "No, honey — cuz I know I ain't dumb. And I know I ain't blonde."

Bow down!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall