Dear Ones –

Would anyone care to join me for dinner at White Acre?

And by "White Acre", I mean "The Woodlands" — the actual historical Philadelphia mansion upon which I based Alma's home in THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS.

Next Sunday, I'll be hosting an intimate evening dinner at the estate — which will include a tour of the property, where you can see such real-life features as Alma's carriage house, Hanneke's bedroom, and, er, the bidning closet.

Tickets are expensive because this is a fundraiser for desperately needed (and very pricey) repairs to this beautiful, crumbling, historical property (I bought a ticket myself, to join in the fundraising crusade) but if you can't afford the full-price ticket, you have until tomorrow to win the chance of getting a ticket for just $50. Go to the website and see how!

I'm so looking forward to this special, romantic event…should be absolutely unforgettable!

Hope to see you there!


The Woodlands is a Philadelphia treasure, a must-see historic site and communal backyard for a vibrant neighborhood and city.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall