Dear Ones –

Um, yeah.

That's me.

Ok, to be fair, I have gone through little bursts of mediation over the last decade — including a two-month burst earlier this year (which made me feel very proud of myself, the way you feel proud of yourself when you announce that you aren't eating sugar anymore, and then you actually stick to it for a few days.)

I can tell you all the reasons I SHOULD meditate. It is the cure for everything, basically. I believe in that, both scientifically and spiritually. I can certainly tell you all the reasons YOU should meditate. But for some reason, even though I see myself as a deeply disciplined person, and even though I love to engage with the spirit, I can never get a meditation practice to stick for me. Or at least I have never been able to yet.

Nonetheless, people ask me mediation advice all the time, which is kind of like asking Elizabeth Taylor for marriage tips. (I always try to redirect the conversation, like a waiter, like: "Could I perhaps offer you something this evening in the line of advice on writing, instead, ma'am?")


Oh, well.

It is what it is. We are what we are.

I do try to walk in the light, anyway — and to bring the light, wherever I go. In my own way, maybe? As best I can? Maybe that's my meditation practice? To stay aware of all the people around me, and to try to shine light to them, whenever I can? Or maybe I'm just lazy, because all I really want to do at dawn is read last month's Vanity Fair? Or maybe it's all just really OK?

This concludes my thoughts this morning — the thoughts of this alleged spiritual teacher!

Sending you love and acceptance and happiness, in any case, from my wide-awake human brain to yours…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall