Dear Ones –

This is why I love this day.

Because even if we've done nothing to deserve it, we each get an entirely brand new, totally fresh, unspoiled, and completely free New Year.

(In my best Oprah voice: "You get a new year! And you get a new year! And YOU get a new year! And YOU get a new year!")

No dents, no dinks, no drama, no flat tires, no smash-ups, no mistakes — you just get to cash in the old year, and trade it up. A good clean do-over. A year you can do whatever you want with. No questions asked.

Which is why, every single year, on January 1, I wake up and think, "Dear God, maybe this year I'm finally gonna get it right."


You can't put a value on that sense of hope. I freaking love it.

Have a beautiful 2015, Dear Ones. Thanks for spending 2014 with me. I'll be here every day on this page in the months to come, and we'll hang. We'll keep figuring it all out.

It's gonna be good, y'all.

Gonna get a little more of it right by the day.

Feel it in my bones.

Bless your beautiful new years…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall