Dear Ones –

I'm SUPER excited to be featured on a special edition of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, tonight: 7pmET/6pmCT, on the OWN network.

This will be a compilation show, featuring the greatest wisdom of three years of Super Soul Sunday Guests — should be really cool!

Here's a short video:

I hope you get a chance to tune in…

And right after the special, will be the very first episode of my friend Rob Bell's new show — which is helpfully called THE ROB BELL SHOW. He's stupendous, and I can't wait to see what he's up to.

Tonight is the winter solstice. It's the longest and darkest night of the year — for us Northern Hemisphere folks, anyhow. We might as well pass through this dark night with some wisdom and some SOUL.

And you know what happens tomorrow? The days will start to get longer. Somewhere in their deepest roots, the trees will sense the shift and they will know — it's happening. Spring will begin to inch toward us again.

The light is coming, Dear Ones — the light is coming!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall