Dear Ones —

I thought you all might enjoy this post that I wrote today on the Facebook page of Two Buttons, the import shop that I run with my husband…

Lots of love, and let it flow!

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Hello friends —

Those of you who have visited our shop know that people often spontaneously leave money and offerings on our outdoor statues. We always delight in this practice…we don't know where it began, but it almost seems to be an instinct. Our giant white 7000-pound marble Buddha is always covered with flowers and coins, which is so beautiful. The smaller Buddhas and our big Ganesh also get showered with coins. We know people also bring their prayers to these statues, and we are honored by it.

The other day, somebody came to Two Buttons and took all the money off all the statues. Some customers were terribly upset when they realized what had happened ("Somebody stole all the cash!") but we here at Two Buttons think it's lovely and perfect.

We see things differently.

We learned how to see things differently when we lived in Bali.

The Balinese have a practice of putting forward an offering, and then letting it go. You decorate your altar or a public shrine with the most gorgeous flower blossoms you can find, or you shower it with coins or jewelry, and then you walk away. Whatever happens next is none of your business. Once you release your prayers and offerings, they don't belong to you anymore: They belong to the universe. And whoever might come along and pick up your offering…well, that is clearly the person who needed it. Even if the person themselves THINKS they stole something, they didn't. They can't. You can't steal something that belongs to the universe. You can only receive it.

So it's all perfect.

It's all part of the big inhale and the big exhale.

We are just happy to have a place in this great circle of abundance at all!

Let it flow, and lots of love,
It's a colorful and happy day in Frenchtown!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall