I loved so much reading about (and seeing images of) all your creative projects today. Gave me a thrill to picture all these minds and hands and voices and imaginations across the world, hard at work on the devotional practice of MAKING. So beautiful.

Meanwhile, I took the day off from my normal creative practice (writing) to practice the art of friendship — a slumber party with a beloved old friend, walks and talks, dressing up, laughing, and, of course, experimentation with temporary tattoos. (We elected to put doves over our hearts, and giant bears on our arms….this felt about perfect, for who we aspire to be…)

I feel restored by this day, as if by magic.

I will be back to work tomorrow, but with the heart of a dove and the power of a bear…and the soul-lift that only a golden friendship can provide.

Love to you all, and to all a good night!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall