Dear Ones —

I had the loveliest evening last night, speaking to such a warm and generous crowd in Malibu. Thank you to all who came!

For me, the most touching moment arrived when a young man approached me in the book-signing line and asked if I would sign the last page of his journal. He had just started this journal, and said he was hoping that — by the time he'd filled its pages with thoughts and prayers and contemplations — he would be ready to make the next big step in his life. He asked me to write some inspiring words for him at the end, to help launch him. Not knowing him at all, but loving that he was including me in this Grand Venture, I wrote: "Now you know what you have to do. Go do it."

Today my prayer is that this young man will be able, when the time comes, to banish whatever fears might try to hold him back. Actually, that's my prayer for all of us today. And every day, really!

This quote from Hafiz has always helped me…

Big kiss to you all, and GO DO IT,


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall