Danielle's HAPPINESS JAR, and a beautiful story of love and resilience…

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Thank you so much for the inspiration Liz – I made my Mum a Happiness Jar last month. We recently lost my Dad at the very young age of 59, and my Mum has been a pillar of strength but it's so, so hard for her and all of us. She is using the jar though, which is simply wonderful! I know it's just a jar, but to get all whimsical….I love the hope and expectation that this empty old gherkin jar can bring….it's a reminder of the untapped happiness we all have within us. When we lose someone close to us it's such a strong reminder of our own mortality, and it's also quite a confusing time too (this has been my experience). I'm so happy that my Mum has been able to find little pieces of happiness amidst her grief and by writing it down, it is something tangible for her to revisit whenever she needs to. Thank you again a bazillion times over for the inspiration ♥ Lots of love from us in Oz x

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