Hi all!

I just wanted to share this sweet event with you. This Saturday (Sept 7), the wonderful big orange Penguin Book Truck will be rolling into my hometown of Frenchtown, NJ for the afternoon. (Here's a photo of me taken this spring, in front of the very truck in question.)

Viking-Penguin is my publisher, and I love the way they retrofitted this food truck to make it into a cheerful book paradise on wheels. The truck is taking a tour across the USA, and Penguin asked if I wanted them to stop in Frenchtown…HELL YES! (I even got to pick the titles they will be selling that day — all my favorite classics!)

So we've made a celebratory day of it, in conjunction with my wonderful local bookstore (The Book Garden, on Bridge St.) Penguin will also be bringing along their sweet little pushcart (looks like a hot dog stand) which will be parked in front of the bookstore, while the big truck is parked at my store, Two Buttons (

To celebrate just SOME of the local talent in my town, I've invited my neighbors Rayya Elias (author of "Harley Loco") and John Smith (poet; author of "Even That Indigo") to hang out with me for the afternoon at both Two Buttons and The Book Garden.

It's all SUPER casual, but the general plan is that I'll be at the book truck, at Two Buttons, from 2 – 3 pm, and at the pushcart, at The Book Garden, from 3 – 4.

Here's an article explaining the whole deal:

Hope you can come drop by for a sweet afternoon of books and fellowship and small town charm!



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