Alright, everyone, here we go.

This is the big news I’ve been hinting at for the past few weeks.

My brave American publisher (Viking) and I are about to attempt something that, to the best of my knowledge, has never before been done in the publishing world. We are asking you, the readers, through a Facebook app, to make the final decision about which one of these three options should be the final cover for the American publication of “The Signature of All Things.”

We are turning to you for this decision because, frankly, we were unable to agree amongst ourselves. (Anyone who has ever worked in publishing knows what I’m talking about here: Disputes over book covers can get REALLY INTENSE.) I got so tired of debating over “what the reader wants” that I decided instead to just try asking you guys directly.

So tell me, valued readers…what do you want?

Which one of these three beautiful book jackets do you most like?

Which design would most draw you in, if you were browsing a bookstore?

Which is the one that makes you say, “My goodness, I will certainly have to buy THAT book!”?

Think carefully. Then choose from the heart. Because whichever of these three options gets the most votes will be the final cover for “The Signature of All Things.”

To help with your choice, once more, here is the synopsis of the book:

“Elizabeth Gilbert’s first novel in twelve years is an extraordinary story of botany, exploration and desire, spanning much of the 19th century. The novel follows the fortunes of the brilliant Alma Whittaker (daughter of a bold and charismatic botanical explorer) as she comes into her own, within the world of plants and science. Exquisitely researched and told at a galloping pace, this ambitious novel soars across the globe—from London, to Peru, to Philadelphia, to Tahiti, to Amsterdam and beyond. Along the way, the novel is peopled with unforgettable characters: missionaries, abolitionists, adventurers, astronomers, sea captains, geniuses and the quite mad. As Alma’s careful studies of moss take her deeper into the mysteries of evolution, the man she loves draws her in the opposite direction—into the realm of the spiritual, the divine and the magical. Alma is a clear-minded scientist; Ambrose is a Utopian artist. But what unites this couple is a shared passion for knowing—a desperate need to understand the workings of this world, and the mechanism behind of all life. The Signature of All Things is a big novel, about a big century. It is written in the bold, questing spirit of that singular time. Alma Whittkaer is a witness to history, as well as maker of history herself. She stands on the cusp of the modern, with one foot still in the Enlightened Age, and she is certain to be loved by readers across the world.”


I’m putting the decision in your hands, and I promise to utterly accept and trust your choice. So click on the Contest link now, go to the voting page, and cast your vote!

Also, please share your reactions in writing with us. I wanted to know how you came to your decision.

Also — and this is really important! — please pass this post along, and invite other people to vote. Even if they aren’t my readers, I want to hear what they think and I want them to vote. I want the widest possible voter turnout, to get the broadest number of opinions possible from all corners of the world.

Let’s make publishing history together, people!

As always, those of you who subscribe to my LizNews Email Newsletter will find out the results first…so if you aren’t yet signed up, by all means go do it, on the LizNews tab on my page or go to my website: . Everyone else will find out the winner on March 25th, here on Facebook.

Democratically yours always (and absolutely dying to know how this will turn out.)


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