Certainly the sweetest HAPPINESS JAR yet!

My Happiness Jar was created by my preschool students—The Teddy Bear Class. Every student had to tell me what makes them the most happiest. The following is their honest, unedited responses—
Leonardo—Age 2
“Scooby Doo!”
Elliott—Age 5
“Playing Wii—Skylander!”
Jovana—Age 3
“Dressing up like a princess.”
Elliott—Age 5
“Playing Wii—Skylander!”
Marco—Age 4
“The Easter Bunny.”
Sophia—Age 5
“I like to pick, like flowers—for my mommy.”
Cesar—Age 4
“I like playing wrestling with my dad.”
Jesse—Age 3
“Riding bikes and football and Disneyland and going swimming.”
Albert—Age 4
“Playing Prince Charming.”
Darren—Age 5
“I like playing in my pool—we have to blow it up, though.”
Mia—Age 5
“Riding my bike. I have a flower bike—from Santa.”
Julia—Age 4
“I love going at Grandma’s”
Wesley—Age 4
“Playing baseball, ‘cause I like to hit the ball and I run with the spaces and I hit the ball and I sit on the bench.”

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall