BOOK OF THE DAY: "Making Masterpiece" by Rebecca Eaton.

Guys, you will love this memoir. And you would love this woman, Rebecca Eaton, whom I just met. She's SO COOL — the executive producer of Masterpiece Theater on PBS.

Let me put it this way: She's the reason we here in America have access to the delicious "Downton Abbey".

And her brand new memoir is such a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at her years in Masterpiece — from "Upstairs/Downstairs" onward. Plus, it's full of great stories about the likes of Judi Dench and Eileen Atkins and all the other great thespians and personalities…

Click here for more info on the book:

I had such a wonderful lunch with her — especially liking the moment when she coined this memorable phrase: "We must always take a break to relax between disasters." A FINE outlook on life!

Enjoy, all…


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall