Dear Ones —

Has anyone (or hopefully everyone) yet read Andrew Solomon's masterpiece, "Far From the Tree"?

It is a brilliant and humane examination of family and resilience and humility and confusion and loyalty and difference and love. I am reading it with a pen in my hand and tears in my eyes, and I find myself marking up page after page as I go. I want everyone to read it.

I will offer up this one quote which caused me to catch my breath, and which I suspect we can all relate to, in aspects of our own lives:

"A Buddhist scholar once explained to me that most Westerners mistakenly think that Nirvana is what you arrive at when your suffering is over and only an eternity of happiness stretches ahead. But such bliss would always be shadowed by the sorrows the past, and would therefore be imperfect. Nirvana occurs when you not only look forward to rapture, but also gaze back into the times of anguish and find in them the seeds of your own joy."

Please go get your hands on this book, friends. "Far from the Tree." It is great.

Far from the Tree
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