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"A THIRST FOR HOME: A Story of Water across the World", by Christine Ieromino.

Dear Ones —

Can I recommend to you today a wonderful new children's book, written by somebody very special to me?

My first very best friend was a beautiful girl named Christine, whose father worked with my father, and whose mother was friends with my mother. Christine was like a second sister to me, and from birth until I was four years old (when my family moved) we spent pretty much our whole lives together. Her mother was like my second mother, and her house was the first place I ever tasted Italian food — so you KNOW that was influential!

Christine grew up to become a nurse, to marry a great guy, and to have several children. In 2008, she went to Ethiopia to adopt her gorgeous daughter Eva. Christine was deeply moved by the poverty she saw in Ethiopia, and since that time has become passionately active in progressive charities there.

Christine was inspired to write this book by something that she witnessed, soon after she brought Eva home to America. She saw her adopted daughter drinking water out of a puddle in the back yard, and began thinking about the meaning and preciousness of water…

This book (about a young adopted Ethiopian girl and her American family, and the water that connects the two worlds) grew out of that moment. It is the result of years of love, years of passion. It's beautifully illustrated and so very moving.

The book has gotten fantastic reviews already, and I think children and adults will equally love it.

I adore my friend Christine and I'm so proud of what she's made.

You can order A THIRST FOR HOME right here:

Thank you!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall