Greetings Readers of Earth!

I love this photo that my friend Anne sent to me from a book club gathering last night in Portland, Oregon. The women had not only chosen to read THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS together, but had brewed up this great green mossy SOAT cocktail that my friend Amy Stewart (author of "The Drunken Botanist") invented in honor of Alma Whittaker.

Because every novel needs its own distinctive cocktail, don't you agree?

If you guys are reading THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS for your book clubs, I thank you! That's so wonderful! But if you are hosting book club meetings about this novel without simultaneously drinking this great green mossy cocktail, then you are simply crazy.

Here's a link for how to make the cocktail, if you want to emulate those awesome literary boozers out there in Portland:

And remember: DON'T EAT THE FERNS! (My favorite warning ever.)

Happy reading!


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall