Dear friends!

As you can see by my posts today, I got a little giddy with excitement over all the pictures you guys sent me of THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS as your Christmas presents — from all over the world!

I am overwhelmed and delighted…blessings to you all! And happy reading, as you relax now after the busy holidays!

In return for your generosity, a little gift for you (or at least for those of you in driving distance of New Jersey!)

Some of you may know that my sweet Brazilian husband and I have a giant crazy international imports store in the pretty little town of Frenchtown, NJ:

And starting today is our annual 30% off sale, which only happens once a year, and only runs till Dec. 31.

EVERYTHING in the store is 30% off (furniture, statues, jewelry, textiles…and even signed copies of my books!)

SO…swing through town, have lunch at the Lovin' Oven , take a walk in the winter prettiness along the bike path, and — of course — enjoy the free popcorn and wine at Two Buttons

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall