Dear Ones, there's a lot of important business going on in America today. I was up till all hours last night, watching the brave WENDY DAVIS (her heroic pink running shoes pictured here) as she faced down the Texas State Legislature on behalf of abortion rights. And today my eyes will be on the Supreme Court, to see if adult Americans who love each other are going to be permitted to marry.

These are my two big causes, guys — women's rights, gay rights. We lost some ground yesterday on voting rights and god only know where we're going with immigration rights. But the fight goes on.

And yesterday Wendy Davis showed the world what one woman in her running shoes can do, facing down a crowd of men who did everything in their power to shut her up…but couldn't. Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, head of the Texas senate, accused her of being "an unruly mob". One woman, one voice, pink running shoes = An Unruly Mob.

I love a woman who doesn't know her place.

Today I will be writing, as I have written many times before, another giant check to Planned Parenthood. Sometimes I think that's the most important writing I do.



via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall