Dear Ones —

Some of you are aware that my husband (you know: Javier Bardem) and I run a shop in Frenchtown NJ called TWO BUTTONS:

Those of you who have been there know it to be a 10,000 square foot giant warehouse of amazing stuff that have we collected from all over the world…it's really cool!

And from now till the end of January we are having a 30% off sale on all BIG AND HEAVY items!

We are calling it our BIG AND HEAVY SALE. (I made that name up. Clever, right? Original?)

Everything that is BIG AND HEAVY is 30% off.

Furniture, statues, home goods, etc!

We need to clear out space for new shipments arriving…so come check it out!

(And don't go nuts on me, guys, but we don't ship! Two Buttons is a good old-fashioned empirical in-person experience of a place!)

So come visit, and get BIG AND HEAVY with us this weekend!!!

(As always, popcorn and wine and smiles are free.)


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall

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