Another Pilgrim finds his way to the ageless and extraordinary Ketut Liyer, in Bali!

travelling the world with my camera i am afforded stunningly beautiful opportunities to capture what is before me. i am often awestruck at man-made structures, in complete wonderment being amongst mother nature's magical creations, but what moves me most are the genuine souls of varying cultures who unconditionally help to uncover special parts inside of me.

whether a divining wind sways me, or a guiding hand shifts me, i always find myself in the path of strangers who sequentially become my brothers, and sisters. perhaps this is sheer luck. perhaps knowing why is of no great importance, and i accept my good fortune. there is a peacefulness with this which i hold very close to my heart, and quite honestly, these are moments never obtained with the click of the shutter.

today in bali, i met ketut liyer, made famous by elizabeth gilbert, and in his own right could effortlessly make his way into anyone's life – at least those with an open-mind, and open heart. no, this was not a per chance meeting, but one gratefully arranged, and am i ever pleased to have carried through. i met a man with an infectious smile, warm genuine eyes, and a reassuring touch, not to forget ketut's splendid humour… something we all need from time to time. what was said is between the two of us, though i can share he took extra time to tell me how lucky i am (and why). how so very true. ketut was spot on.

what a beautiful way to end my time in bali.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall