Another pilgrim finds her way to Ketut Liyer!

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Hi Elizabeth,
I just want to share with you this picture…the picture I would never have imagined that it would ever exist.
If I would get a chance to meet Ketut Liyer three years ago, oh God, I would wish no one to be in his shoes. He would encounter grim, anxious person with damp eyes and endless hope in it. I would claim the old noble man to unleash my problems, to answer my questions, to turn my destiny…
But now in 2013 I am visiting Bali not for prosecuting the solutions of my issues. I am here for idyllic vacation with my precious loved one. There were neither a plan nor an intention to find the healer by all means , but the atmosphere of the island made me feel the need to proceed… to proceed to plunge into the pages of the book.
And I did find the porch. That was a moment of deja vu. I have been in this garden before, I have seen this porch before, that wide gray eyebrows have captured my attention in some moment in the past. Turning the pages of the book, I did experience this journey already.
Now in my present , in April 2013, I haven't demanded from him to impress me …with details from my past ( I am aware of slightest ins and outs of my past and I am not quiet sure I want anyone to remind me it) .. I haven't claimed to penetrate in my future as I know its going to be bright due to I'm working on it now.
I Just Felt Relief . It took me a long journey, much longer than from point A to Bali.. I did it shoulder-to-shoulder with myself, I made my own mistakes, which now I prefer to regard as a lessons. Now I am healed, I am happy, I am loved and I am in love.
Thank you for your books!!

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall