Another beautiful HAPPINESS JAR…and very worth it to read the inscription!

My daughter and I gave out Happiness Jars as a gift to people at Christmas. I included a notepad and pencil in the jar and attached this poem I wrote to go with it. I'm including a picture (with my crazy daughter in the background) but have typed the words here in case they're too small to read in the pic. Thank you for this idea! It has been a wonderful thing for my daughter and I do together.

-2013 Blessing Jar-

So oftentimes we allow
Little things to get us down
We concentrate on negatives
That turn our smiles to frowns
This year, let's try to change that
With the help of this little jar
Let's fill it with the good times
To remind us how blessed we are
Write down all the little things
Throughout the year that made you glad
Then open your jar of blessings
And see what a wonderful year you had.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall