Hello my dearests —

So my book tour for "The Signature of All Things" begins on Oct. 1, and my travels over the following year or so will take me all over the USA, and onward into Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Australia, Brazil…and I know I'm forgetting some places. (For a full list of my stops, as far as I know them so far, visit the events page of my website:

But I can say without reservation that the event I'm most excited about is this one:

On December 10, I'll be appearing onstage at the New York Public Library with my dear friend, the novelist Ann Patchett (author of "Bel Canto", "State of Wonder", "Truth and Beauty" and a bunch of other powerhouse works.)

Ann and I have a friendship that is quite unlike any other in my life. In this age of cell phones, email, texting and cheap airline tickets, we are simply pen pals. For about eight years now, we have written each other long, searching letters every month, exploring in slow revelation (on old-fashioned paper) our feelings about our lives, our writing, our marriages, our friendships. It has been a beautiful exchange, and deeply intimate, in the way that only letter-writing can be. This event in December will be among the few times that we are actually together, in the flesh, and it promises to be very special, indeed.

Hope you can make it!

(And just out of curiosity, do any of you still write letters? If so, to whom? It's such a beautiful and dying art…I'd love to know that it's still in play.)

To friendship!


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