…and who is responsible for the person you shall someday become?

I have a short message today, Dear Ones, based on some interactions I've witnessed in my world of late.

Here's the thought:

You got dealt the family you got dealt. The family you were born into (or adopted into, or raised by) was an act of destiny, and cannot be altered now. We all got dealt the families we got dealt — complete with all their assorted dysfunctions, talents, pathologies, and possibilities. None of us can ever change the people we sprang from. But at some point, it will be entirely up to you, the sort of person you become.

At what point did you realize this truth, about your own life and who's ultimately responsible for it?

Or — alternatively — at what point do you plan to finally realize this truth about your life, and take charge of it at last?

Just wonderin'….



via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall