Thank you to everyone who voted on the cover contest! The people have spoken and the votes have been counted…and it was a total landslide. The cream-colored jacket with the mosses and field grasses WON!


This is the cover I’d hoped would win, but, to be honest, I never thought I had a chance. I was absolutely sure most readers would find it too quiet, too modest. I thought for certain everyone was going to vote for either the vivid purple cover, or for the more romantic image of Alma in the field of ferns. Both of those covers were beautiful in their own way. But I ultimately preferred the cream-colored cover, for its elegance, for its modesty (and most importantly) for its botany. The quiet, humble field plants and mosses depicted here are the very plants that my heroine Alma spent her life studying and uncovering. She sought to unlock the secrets of the natural universe through her investigations into the overlooked and humble world beneath our feet, and she saw rare beauty in all common things. In other words, this is the cover she would have wanted.

I think it’s gorgeous, timeless, and perfect. And it blows my mind that, by such a wide margin, you folks think so, too.

I thank you all (eight and a half THOUSAND of you!) for being part of this incredibly fun event, and for helping to make publishing history. I thank you for your passion and your heated opinions. Most of all, I thank the majority of you for endorsing my own vision for this book. I am beyond amazed. Never saw it coming.

I hope you will come to love the novel as much as I love the cover!

And don’t forget to pre-order the book…especially now that we know what it will look like:


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall