Chris Eaton!

Those of you who subscribe to my LizNews newsletter know that I've been giving away a signed preview copy of "The Signature of All Things" once a month to whichever lucky newsletter subscriber answers my monthly question most delightfully.

This month's question was "What is your defining passion?" The winning answer came from a fellow named Chris Eaton (our first gentleman winner!) Chris wrote beautifully about how many years he has spent growing an all-season bird garden, with plants carefully selected to best support a vast variety of avian visitors. What touched me most about his answer was the sense I got of Chris's extraordinary patience, as well as his deep and intimate connection to the nature in his own back yard. My novel's heroine, Alma Whittaker, has much the same sort of personality — patient, examining, questing, and equally able to find natural marvels quite close to home. And so I thought it appropriate to send the book to Chris!


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