…and our fear of being rejected, criticized, ignored, marginalized, typecast, bullied, challenged, misunderstood, mocked, dismissed, and — worst of all — disappointed in ourselves when our completed work does not match the dream of inspiration that initially flourished so beautifully in our minds.

I am afraid of all these things, don't get me wrong. And I've experienced all those things.

But you know what I've always feared more? Facing my death someday and realizing that I never lived a creative life because I was too shit scared to try.

Because that would be the worst, saddest, most frightful fate of all.

Thus, and always, we must march right over our fears, trampling them to dust under our bootheels (as Hanneke de Groot would say) and continuing ONWARD!

Now go make something today, you guys.

I will, too.


via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall