Dear Ones —

I received a lovely notice recently, and wanted to share it with you all.

My new novel "The Signature of All Things" is just starting to inch its way out into the world (at this point in early review copies only, sent out by my publisher to various critics and booksellers.) We just heard news from the owner of one of my favorite independent bookstores in the country — Watermark Books, of Wichita, KS — that she'd gotten ahold of a copy, and loved it. The bookseller's name is Sarah Bagby, and I've always admired her immensely.

Here is what Sarah wrote about my book:

"The family of botanists Elizabeth Gilbert has created in her new novel "The Signature of All Things" enchanted me from page one. Alma, our vulnerable, yet tough-as-nails heroine, escorts us through a unique history of the 19th Century.

We travel the world with the botanical hunters and gatherers of the day, smelling the earth on our dirty hands. We have our hearts broken by unrequited love and feel the stress and joy of a successful family business. We feel the intensity of the charged bond between sisters. We toil and revel in the process of scientific discovery.

Alma thrives in the cloistered world of her father's Philadelphia botanical empire until mid-life when she embarks on a remarkable journey of self discovery. An arduous trip to faraway Tahiti is a time of reckoning and enlightenment.

Gilbert is a master storyteller and readers of her non-fiction will delight in "The Signature of all Things."

I love this book."



Thank you for this marvelous endorsement!

If any you eager readers out there would like to pre-order the novel, and fall as soon as possible into Alma's world, you may do right here:

Gratefully yours,

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