And beautiful photos (and a generous story) form April in Nashville…thank you, dear one! I have so loved these encounters on this book tour — more than ever!

Photos of Elizabeth Gilbert
I'm not too proud to admit I keep re-living this moment. EPL has been my safety net, my compass, at times my conscious, my guide, my light and my friend. It has been my inspiration and it has helped me move mountains, both in this world and in my mind and mostly in my heart. I refer to EPL as "it" as though it is "just a book" which of course we know it is not. It is the voice of a woman who was brave enough to put her words and her soul and her journey out there for the world (good and bad) to see. It is the voice of so many of us. It is the voice that many of us could not find within ourselves. Meeting Liz was the awesome true realization of a hope and dream of mine. It was part of my own journey. I love that we are looking at each other and laughing like old girlfriends (no doubt that given more time we would be!) I love that she is hugging me as if she had somehow been waiting for me to trip into her life at a random book reading— I love that she is still on her journey and sharing it with us. For me this was more than meeting a "celebrity" more than "an author" but a person who, at times I have reached out to in the dark and called "friend" without ever putting a face to. I have laughed and cried and commiserated with this friend. This friend has seen me through the darkest of times and shown me that light is not only possible but inside me. This friend helped me find my way back to God, but perhaps more importantly find my way back to myself. So Liz, every hug, handshake, autograph and smile you give throughout this exhausting book tour is for so many of us, "coming home" to one of the best friends we've ever known. Thank you for taking the time, the moments, the energy, the sleepless nights and the long travel to continue to give the gift of yourself to the many many friends you have made along the way. I insist on calling you friend, even after our brief fleeting moment together because we have shared more than you can possibly imagine. Your words continue to give more than you can imagine too — so do us a favor and keep writing them.

via Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook Wall